Dr Subasree Srinivasan

Medical Director, GARDP

Suba is an experienced infectious disease physician with extensive industry and public health experienced. Educated in India, Suba has lived in the US for the last 30 years and worked in clinical and public health practice and has had a number of senior medical and pharmacovigilance roles in drug development in companies such as Pfizer, BMS and Alexion Pharmaceuticals. Most recently Suba was the VP,  Clinical Development and pharmacovigilance for Entasis Therapeutics where she was the clinical development lead for durlobactam, an antibiotic for Acinetobacter infections,  and medical and pharmacovigilance lead across a range of antibiotic development programmes.

Suba joined GARDP first as a Consultant providing senior medical direction and support across the portfolio for both our R&D and broader access objectives. Now as GARDP Medical, Director Suba will lead the medical team to provide medical and drug safety direction and leadership and access development, strategy and implementation both within R&D and at the GARDP organizational level.