Dr Greg Basarab

Dr Greg Basarab, H3D - University of Cape Town

Greg Basarab works as an independent consultant offering >30 years’ experience in infectious disease drug discovery and pre-clinical development. He has served as Associate Director on the Executive Committee of the Drug Discovery and Development Centre (H3D) at the University of Cape Town leading DMPK, Biosciences and Medicinal Chemistry groups directed towards eradicating resistant infectious diseases including malaria and TB while helping to drive three compounds to pre-clinical development. Before that, as Associate Director at AstraZeneca, he led multi-disciplinary teams to design novel mode-of-action antibacterials generating three clinical candidates. He is the co-inventor of two AMR drug candidates (zoliflodacin and durlobactam) that are currently in Ph3 clinical trials for treatment of gonorrhea and A. baumannii lung/bloodstream infections, respectively. Greg also worked at DuPont Central Research & Development in antifungals and in automated chemical synthesis. He received a B.S. in Chemistry from the Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT.